8000 series


8000 series with UL listed 1.5 Hour Fire Rated


Rim type , Vertical Rod Type

Lever Trim, Knob Trim and Handle Set available





Material Push bar –Steel pressed or stainless steel pressed
Head Cover – Steel pressed or stainless steel pressed
Spring – Stainless steel
Latch Bolt 3/4’ throw, stainless steel
Dead Latch Bolt 5/8”, steel
Strike For 5/8” stop. Plus shim for 1/2” stop
Projection 2-1/2” maximum, 1-7/8” pressed
Reversible Non-handed, reversible for all functions and trims
For Door 1-3/4” thick of wood or metal door. Specify thickness if other than 1-3/4”
Backset 2-3/4” standard
Door Width 3’ standard for door width of 2’-6” to 3’-0”;4’ standard for door width of 3’-0” to 4’-0”
Stile 4-1/4” minimum
Mounting Height 40-5/16” from CL to finished floor recommended
Mounting Furnished standard with sheet metal & machine screws or SNB as option
Cylinders For trim, knob, lever & thumb-piece type “Schlage C” key way
Dogging 1/4 turn, hex key dogging on non-fire labeled device
UL Listed For “Panic Hardware” and “UL”. Labeled (1.5 hours) fire exit hardware
Operation Inside by slight pressure on any point of the push bar all time