Company Profile

Welcome to GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd

GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd is leading door doors and door accessories manufacturing in Taiwan. It started from a family business company. Brand is named G.D.I..GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd is the best partner for customers on security products and door accessories.
GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd. supplies the best quality of door locks and door hardware for our customers. 

We keep the highest quality of the product. The product range achieved CE certified and UL listed. GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd is continually developing new products. Goal Den product range has already included.

We have also established GDI brand A4 photocopy paper products on office paper, using 100% high quality pure wood pulp, with high standard manufacturing process and product quality management, using advanced machinery and equipment to make consistent production to increase productivity. In the paper density, whiteness, smoothness, thickness and stability, we have the most stringent quality control to produce of the highest quality paper products.

Goal Den market regions are included Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, U.S.A., Oman, Myanmar and it will continue to extend worldwide.

GOAL DEN International Co., Ltd. will keep continue to develop more high quality products, provide best services for customers and is able to reach a competitive edge.

GOAL DEN History

  • Company start

    May, 2007

    Start from a home business in TAIWAN.

  • GOAL Door Locks Products


  • Projects in Taiwan

    GOAL Door Locks:
  • Da-An MRT station, Taipei Taiwan- LX series
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail, Banqiao station plate form , Taiwan- LX-series
  • Banqiao Railway Station Entrances , B1 Floor, Taiwan - LX series
  • Taipei Veterans Hospital, Taiwan 
  • Westin Hotel Taipei, Taiwan- UH series

  • ... 

  • Overseas Market region

    Market region reach to U.S.A. by selling ANSI Grade 2 decorative lever locks.

  • Overseas Market Extend

    Market region reach to Oman  

  • July, 2010

    Market region reach to Malaysia and Phillippines
  • April, 2011
  • Market region reach to Thailand
  • January, 2014

    Market region reach to Bangladesh
  • Decemeber, 2014
  • Market region reach to Canada
  • June, 2015
  • Market region reach to United Arab Emirates
  • January, 2016
  • Market region reach to Myanmar